Construction Management Services


Licensed Contractor 

With over 30 years of construction knowledge and development, 94th Street Construction will provide the full development experience.  With our attention to detail, clients requests, design team and construction crew, we promise to deliver the project of your dreams.   




§  Assist with site selection(if required)

§  Prepare cost estimates, including conceptual estimating

§  Conduct value engineering

§  Prepare schedules

§  Bidability/Constructability reviews

§  Long-lead Analysis/Procurement

§  Phasing/Logistics

§  Assist with permitting and licensing

§  Bid and Award






§  Manage procurement

§  Manage project communications

§  Manage project cost controls and accounting

§  Evaluate and update CPM Schedule

§  Negotiate and expedite change orders

§  Conduct jobsite meetings

§  Administer jobsite safety/security program

§  Administer quality control program

§  Perform pre-punch inspections & corrections

§  Contract Coordination

§  Construction Site Inspection

§  Testing and Controlled Inspection

§  Obtained occupancy permits

§  Coordinate owner move-in schedule

§  Coordinate and prepare as-built drawings

§  Submit operation manuals and warranties

Project Complete.jpg

Post Construction

§  Punch list & Close out

§  Final As-built Drawings

§  Warranty and Guarantee Coordination

§  Systems Startup and Testing

§  Acceptance and Turnover

§  Final Payments


Licensed Contractor

  1. New York

  2. New York City 

  3. New Jersey

  4. Massachusetts

  5. Pennsylvania

  6. Texas

Additional licenses in progress